Paws4Art is a fine arts studio, owned by partners Donnasue Jacobi and Fred Roessler. They have been creating fine art photography together since 1985. Fred creates his fine arts photographs using traditional film and darkroom processes. He concentrates on visual images to capture the character of older forgotten places and times. Fred also specializes in pet portraits and uses a digital camera for pet portrait montages that Donnasue uses to design a personal photography book of your day with them and your beloved pets. He loves working with dogs to create a lasting imagery of beloved pets. His photography is offered for private and corporate collections. Donnasue is also a print maker and book artist/designer. She combines her love of design, hand-bound bookbinding, and photography to teach fun art classes for most age groups and skill levels. She also accepts commissions for a wide variety of custom books and greeting cards for personal and business needs.

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Body Parts
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Candy Caddies

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Dog Portraits
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Dogs at Play
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Filoli Gardens

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Willowside Ranch


I have always loved horses from the first time I started to ride at age 10. There was a time and space that I could spend an entire day with the horses on a ranch just outside the San Fernando Valley. A day filled with riding, learning about them, grooming, walking around the spring stream, and just hanging out with my horse of the day. I usually asked for an older white stallion, as he loved the carrots I brought him and was a real sweetheart.

Horses Horses
Horses Horses


Here are some interesting sites:

Return to Freedom ( is an awesome organization built to protect wild horses.

A Temporary Sanctuary for the Mare and Foal

The Pregnant Mare Rescue will be hosting its 3rd annual "Breakfast with the Babies" fundraiser on June 23rd, 2012. This is, by far, our biggest fundraiser of the year and each year the event gets bigger and better.

2nd Breakfast with the Babies 2012

Breakfast Meeting Sat. May 5th, 11am - noon at ranch

Gallop Ventures

Gallop Ventures provides transformative, hands-on learning programs for individuals and teams through innovative workshops with horses. No riding experience is necessary, as our programs involve interacting with horses on foot in the paddock.

Contact Information: PAWS4ART
Donnasue Jacobi
P.O. Box 1545
San Andreas, CA 95249
PHONE: 209-754-907


Free photo shoots during 2013

Holiday Cards from your pooch
Sep 28 & 29 from11 a to 4pm, call to schedule your time – all pets welcome (and their humans).

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All photos are copyrighted ©Fred Roessler and ©Donnasue Jacobi, all rights reserved. See the contact information for licensing usage.
I also offer prints, singly or in folio sets, please contact me for more information.